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Craigsbank Parish Church

Door open days

30 September 2018 (10:00 - 15:00)


This Sanctuary was designed in the 1960s by Sir William Kininmonth. Influenced by Le Corbusiers Chapel at Ronchamp, the Sanctuary has an illusion of floating above ground with its the striking square plan and plain white windowless exterior. The interior generates a sense of drama, interpreting the 'Covenanting Conventicle Church' by its hollowed-out form and surrounding sweeping terraces of seating. The innovative inverted clerestory perimeter allows the ceiling to float and filter in daylight into the balanced square worship plan, ultimately creating a peaceful atmosphere.


Key Information

Building Date: 1966

Activities: Guided tours, information leaflets/notes, behind the scene access, children activities, visual displays, architectural models, stewards/volunteers at key points, refreshments, welcome to Morning Worship at 11am on Sunday, music recital of bespoke composition 'Floating Sanctuary'

Where to find us

  • 19/19a Craigs Bank
  • Edinburgh
  • EH12 8HD