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Advocates Library

Door open days

8 September 2018 (10 am to 4 pm)

Aberdeen City

The Society of Advocates in Aberdeen has been in existence for more than 450 years.

The Society's present building was sited to take advantage of proximity to the new Peddie and Kinear Sheriff Court House. Unremarkable from the outside, it is the decoration of the interior that is of interest. Most of the ground floor is now used as an extension to the Sheriff Court.

Key Information

Architect: James Matthews

Building Date: 1872

On the first floor there is one of the finest private law libraries in the country with the original decorative scheme by Arthur Clyne. Notice also the stained glass window on the staircase by Cottier & Co.

No wheelchair access.

Where to find us

  • Concert Court
  • Off Broad Street
  • Aberdeen
  • AB10 1BS