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2 Caiystane View
28.09.14 (11.00 - 16.00)
2 Caiystane View, Fairmilehead,  EH10 6SQ

This 4 bedroom house was built 

in 1959 by McTaggart and Meikle. 

It has been retro-fitted to improve 

its energy efficiency. In addition to 

cavity wall insulation and deep cover 

in the loft, there are both hot water 

and electricity generating panels 

on the south facing roof. A wood 

burning stove makes it possible 

to keep warm without using fossil 

fuel. Graphs showing electricity 

and gas use for recent years will be 

available. The owner is a member 

of Transition Edinburgh Pentlands 

and the Edinburgh Sustainable 

Development Partnership.


ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes.


Limited disabled access. 

WC Disabled Access 
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Advocates Library
27.09.14 (10.30-16.00)
Within Supreme Courts EH1 1RF

The Advocates Library was 

inaugurated in 1689 and held the 

national collections for Scotland 

until the formation of the National 

Library of Scotland. The present 

library building, designed by William 

Playfair, was opened in 1833 and is 

the private library of the Faculty of 

Advocates. The Advocates Library 

tours are part of a whole range of 

events taking place in Parliament 

House for Edinburgh Doors Open 

Day and arranged by the Court of 

Session. Please book tours of the 

Advocates Library on arrival.


Architect: William Playfair
Building Date: 1833

Guided tours, information leaflets/notes, visual displays.

WC Disabled WC Disabled Access 
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Alien Rock
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (10.00-19.00)
8 Pier Place, Granton, Edinburgh,  EH6 4LP
Alien Rock - Image 1
Built in 1852 for the Newhaven 
fishing community and serving as a 
Free Church of Scotland the tower 
and spire were added in 1882. Given 
a new lease of life in April 1994 the 
building was turned into Scotland’s 
first dedicated indoor climbing wall. 
By making use of a free standing 
structure, the architect succeeded 
in meeting the needs of the current 
owner without interfering with the 
structure of the building itself. 

Building Date: 19C

ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes, 

visual displays.

Limited wheelchair access.


WC Disabled WC Parking 
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Anatomy Museum & Lecture Theatre
27.09.14 (10.00-16.00)
University of Edinburgh, Doorway 3, Medical School, Teviot Place, Edinburgh,  EH8 9AG
Anatomy Museum & Lecture Theatre - Image 1

This magnificent steeply-raked 

lecture theatre, based on that at 

Padua and still in use, was designed 

by Robert Rowand Anderson 

in 1877. The remnants of what 

was once a three-storey medical 

museum are now located on the 

top floor, where historical and 

contemporary material used by 

anatomy students is displayed. You 

will also find elephant skeletons, 

a whale’s jawbone and a large 

collection of death masks of 

historical figures. Also on display 

is the skeleton of the infamous

 murderer William Burke who 

was condemned to be hanged, 

dissected and put on public display. 

There will be 20-minute talks on 

the hour from 11am-3pm.


Architect: Robert Rowand Anderson
Building Date: 1874

Lectures/talks, visual displays, stewards/volunteers at key points.

Assisted wheelchair access.

Image (c) www.scran.ac.uk

WC Disabled WC Disabled Access 
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Arcadia Children's Nursery
27.09.14 (10.00-16.00)
63 WEST MAINS ROAD, , Edinburgh,  EH9 3JE
Designed by award-winning 
architect Malcolm Fraser and 
inspired by the concept of ‘free 
play’, Arcadia Nursery is Edinburgh’s 
newest and most innovative 
nursery. Building on research on 
the importance of outdoor play, 
the indoor play rooms initially lead 
to a babies’ garden lined with grassy 
steps and sensory planting, before 
giving way to mini-allotments and a 
water play area for older toddlers. 
For the more adventurous children 
(and adults) an elevated walkway 
leads to a tree house.
ACTIVITIES: guided tours, information 
leaflets/notes, stewards/volunteers at key 
WC Disabled Access 
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Assembly Rooms
27.09.14 (10.00-15.00)
54 George Street, Edinburgh,  EH2 2LR
Assembly Rooms - Image 1
For almost 230 years, the Assembly 
Rooms has played host to 
hundreds of thousands of events. 
From royal banquets to talent 
contests, conferences to ceilidhs, 
the building also welcomed authors 
Dickens, Thackeray and Scott for 
public readings. The 18-month 
refurbishment project has breathed 
new life into the Assembly Rooms, 
resulting in modernised spaces 
which retain the building’s character 
and beauty. The work is in keeping 
with its history seeing the A-listed 
building return to its 18th century 
splendour, but with the inclusion of 
modern technical infrastructure to 
improve its capabilities as a premier 
venue for contemporary events. 
Architectural details have been 
repaired and enhanced, with 22 
carat gold leaf and a fresh neutral 
theme throughout providing a 
stunning backdrop for any event, 
from performances to conferences 
and weddings.

Architect: William Burn, David Bryce
Building Date: 1787, 1843

ACTIVITIES: guided tours, information 

leaflets/notes, performances, stewards/

volunteers at key points.

 Limited wheelchair access.

WC Disabled WC Disabled Access Refreshments 
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Assembly Roxy
27.09.14 (10.00-16.00)
2 ROXBURGH PLACE, Edinburgh,  EH8 9SU
The Assembly Roxy is a year round 
venue for theatre shows, events 
and functions. Run by Assembly 
Theatre Limited, the building 
houses three popular Edinburgh 
Festival Fringe spaces during 
August. A former Church known 
as the Holy Trinity Church and 
latterly Lady Glenorchy’s Parish 
Church in 1862, the building retains 
a number of original and beautiful 
ACTIVITIES: guided tours, information 
leaflets/notes, stewards/volunteers at key 
points, musical recitals.
Limited disabled access.  
WC Disabled WC Disabled Access 
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Benjamin Tindall Architects
27.09.14 (11.00-16.00)
17 VICTORIA TERRACE, , Edinburgh,  EH1 2JL
Built on part of the City Wall, 
Benjamin Tindall Architects’ office 
has seen re-use over 4 centuries as 
a tannery, an Institute for the Relief 
of Incurables, sweet manufacturing, 
a bomb shelter and a copper 
etching works. See work of the 
Practice and fine views across the 
Grassmarket to Heriots and other 
institutions on the City’s Southside. 
A tour through the building, via a 
garden, emerges in the West Bow.
ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes, 
visual displays, architectural models, 
stewards/volunteers at key points
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British Geological Survey
27.09.14 (10.00-17.00)
Murchison House, West Mains Road, Edinburgh,  EH9 3LA
Murchison House is the Scottish 
Headquarters of the British 
Geological Survey, the oldest 
national geological survey in the 
world. Purpose built, in a cruciform 
shape, the chamfered corners and 
glazed stair lights were designed 
to echo the facets of a crystalline 
structure. The architect was Allan 
Pendreigh of Property Services 
Agency and the building opened 
in 1977, winning Build in Brick and 
Bonny Brick awards. There will be a host of exhibits and 
activities to suit all ages, covering 
everything from James Hutton, one 
of the founders of geology, to the 
techniques employed in modern 
geosciences. Discover more 
about BGS’s involvement in the 
quest for new sources of energy 
and the efforts made to mitigate 
against environmental impact. 
Hands-on displays of minerals, 
rocks and fossils, demonstrations 
of mountain building, glaciers, 
earthquakes and volcanoes and 
origins of the Northern Lights. The 
popular programme of talks will run 
throughout the day covering the 
diversity of the work of the survey 
and its collaborators.

Architect: Property Services Agency
Building Date: 1977

ACTIVITIES: lectures/talks, information 

leaflets/notes, behind the scenes access, 

children’s activities, visual displays, 

stewards/volunteers at key points, video/

audio presentations.

WC Disabled WC Disabled Access Refreshments Parking 
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Buccleuch and Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland
28.09.13 (12.00-17.00)
10 West Crosscauseway, Edinburgh,  EH8 9JP
Buccleuch and Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland - Image 1
These two churches frame the historic space known locally as “The Causey”. Buccleuch and Greyfriars, C listed and dating from 1856, dominates the area with its towering steeple. By J, WH & JM Hay, who also built Augustines on George IV Bridge. Chapel of Ease (Graveyard): B-listed and built in 1755-6 as an overflow for St Cuthbert’s, Lothian Road. Its tranquil secret graveyard houses several significant graves plus the unmarked grave of Deacon Brodie.

Building Date: 1856
Information leaflets/notes, visual displays, stewards/volunteers at key points, video/audio presentations.
WC Disabled WC Disabled Access 
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Displaying 1 - 10 of 115 results by building (A - Z)
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