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Marion Williams
The Cockburn Association
Trunk's Close
55 High Street
Tel: 0131 557 8686

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DOD 2014 Edinburgh programme

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Edinburgh:  27 September 2014 – 28 September 2014

The Cockburn Association (Edinburgh's Civic Trust) organises Edinburgh Doors Open Day. Now in its 23rd year, the event has become one of the capital's most popular free days out. This is your chance to explore some of Edinburgh's most architecturally, culturally and socially significant buildings. Many venues feature behind the scenes tours, activities, exhibitions and/or talks which bring the history of the building, garden, cemetery or monument and its everyday use to life. Some sites organise additional free activities for children and families. 


We are pleased to announce that Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2014 will take place on the 27th & 28th September.

The 2014 TALKS SERIES will be taking place in the week running up to Edinburgh Doors Open Day from 22nd to 26th of September. The list of talks, held at RCAHMS, 16 Bernard Terrace and Riddle's Court, 322 Lawnmarket, can be found on page 4 of the attached brochure. Advanced booking is advised via

The WALKS SERIES 2014 will also be running over the Doors Open Day weekend of the 27th & 28th September. Please see page 5 of the attached brochure for the list of walks and information on meeting points and bookings.

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Buccleuch And Greyfriars Free Church Of Scotland And Chapel Of Ease
27.09.14 (12.00-17.00)
These two churches frame the historic space known locally as ‘The Causey’. Buccleuch and Greyfriars, category C listed and dating from 1856, dominates the area with its towering steeple. By J., W.H. and J.M. Hay, who also built Augustines 
on George IV Bridge. Chapel of  Ease (Graveyard): category B listed and built in 1755-6 as an overflow for St Cuthbert’s Lothian Road. Its tranquil secret graveyard houses several significant graves plus the unmarked grave of Deacon Brodie
ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes, visual displays, stewards/volunteers at key points, video/audio presentations.
Limited disabled access.
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Burns Monument
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (11.00-16.00)
Regent Road, Edinburgh,  EH1 3DG
Burns Monument - Image 1
This Choragic style of monument commemorates poet Robert Burns through its architectural style; such monuments were built in ancient Athens to celebrate the arts of oratory and recitation. It was designed by Thomas Hamilton to house a statue of the bard by sculptor John Flaxman. Burns’ poetry and song will be performed by members and friends of Edinburgh and District Burns Clubs and the Burns Poetry garden around the monument contains flowers mentioned in his poetry.

Architect: Thomas Hamilton
Building Date: 1830

lectures/talks, re-enactment/performances, musical recitals.

Assisted wheelchair access.

Image (c)

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Canongate Kirk
27.09.14 (10.30-16.30) - 28.09.14 (13.30-16.30)
153 CANONGATE, , Edinburgh,  EH8 8BN
The Kirk of Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh Castle was founded in 1688. The architecturally unique design is by James Smith, with 
aisles and a cruciform plan. The finely built ashlar façade is in a 
Dutch architectural style and the luminous, columned baroque 
interior was wonderfully restored by Stewart Tod & Partners in 1947. Splendid memorials in the Kirkyard include the graves of Adam Smith and Robert Fergusson.
ACTIVITIES: Guided tours, Information leaflets/notes, Stewards/volunteers at key points.
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Canongate Kirkyard
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (10.00-16.00)
153 CANONGATE, , Edinburgh,  EH8 8BN
The graveyard of the ‘Royal Kirk’was established in 1687 and is a green oasis in the heart of the Old Town. Famous people buried here include the economist Adam Smith and the poet Robert Ferguson. There are around 352 headstones, monuments, tombs and other structures. Members of the Friends of Canongate Kirkyard will be on hand to give guided tours and explain the work they are doing to conserve this historic space and encourage appreciation of it. The Canongate Kirkyard has significant amenity value which can be seen as contributing to key sustainability goals of social development and environmental protection. The Friends of the Kirkyard are working to enhance those contributions
Tours: Saturday at 10.00am, 11.00am, 12.00 Noon, 2.00pm & 3.00pm and Sunday at 2.00pm & 3.00pm
ACTIVITIES: guided tours, information 
leaflets/notes, stewards/volunteers at key 
No wheelchair access.  
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Chapel of St Albert the Great
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (13.00-17.00)
23 George Square EH8 9LD

Full wheelchair access from George Square Lane. Opened in 2012 and designed by Simpson & Brown, this multiple award-winning chapel is built to the rear of one of Edinburgh’s first Georgian town houses. Constructed in stone, wood and glass it forms a natural unity with the surrounding gardens. On weekdays the chapel offers staff and students a prayerful and contemplative retreat whilst on Sundays it is a busy gathering place for the University’s Catholic community

Architect: Simpson & Brown Architects
Building Date: 2012

ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes, 

video/audio presentations.

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Church of Scotland General Assembly Hall
27.09.14 (10.00-16.00)
MOUND PLACE, , Edinburgh,  EH1 2LX
The Assembly Hall was designed by David Bryce and built in 1858-9. The back of the Hall facing Castlehill was extended east by J. M. Dick Peddie in 1885, with further work in 1902-3. In 1900, the United Presbyterian Church and a majority of the Free Church of Scotland united as the United Free Church of Scotland; the Assembly Hall was henceforth used by the 
newly united church. The United Free Church of Scotland and the Church of Scotland united in 1929. The Assembly Hall thus became the Assembly Hall of the reunited Church of Scotland. Overlooking the Moderator’s chair, the centre 
of the south gallery was adapted to become the ‘Throne Gallery’ for the Lord High Commissioner. Until 1929, the General Assemblies of the (old) Church of Scotland 
were held in St John’s Highland Tolbooth Church (now ‘The Hub’), the spire of which continues to overshadow the Assembly Hall and New College.
ACTIVITIES: information leaflets/notes, behind the scenes access, visual displays, stewards/volunteers at key points, video/
audio presentations.
Limited disabled access 
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City Chambers
28.09.14 (10.00-14.00)
High Street, Edinburgh,  EH1 1YJ
City Chambers - Image 1
The main part of the building known today as the City Chambers was built in 1753 by John Adam and was called The Royal Exchange. In 1811 it was taken over by the Council as they had outgrown their previous accommodation at the Tolbooth. From 1811-1903 the Council met in what today is known as The Diamond Jubilee Room. In 1904 the building was extended 
to form larger accommodation for the Council which included the 
Council Chamber, European Room and Members Lounge.

Architect: John Adam, Robert Morham
Building Date: 1753, with later extensions

Information leaflets/notes, visual displays, stewards/volunteers at key points.

Limited wheelchair access.


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City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
27.09.14 (10.30-15.30) - 28.09.14 (12.30-15.30)
25 NICOLSON SQUARE, Edinburgh,  EH8 9BX
The only category A listed Methodist Church in Scotland, this 
1816 building and its adjacent halls have recently been refurbished and transformed under the direction of architects Page\Park. Beautiful light filled sanctuary, ingeniously adapted 
gallery providing exhibition space, a range of meeting rooms and a bright café with conservatory area leading to a hidden garden. One of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets.
ACTIVITIES: guided tours, lectures/talks, information leaflets/notes, children’s activities, visual displays, architectural models, stewards/volunteers at key points, video/audio presentations.
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Cockburn Association
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (11.00-16.00)
Trunk's Close, 55 High Street, Edinburgh,  EH1 1SR

Next to John Knox House is Moubray House. Although the frontage dates from c.1630, the house was originally built around 1477, by Robert Moubray. Andrew Moubray built a new house at the rear in 1529. It was restored by the Cockburn Society in 1910. Here Daniel Defoe edited the Edinburgh Courant (1710) and the shop was the premises of publisher Archibald Constable (1774–1827). Outside on the street is one of the wells which used to provide the water supply for the Old Town.

The office of the Cockburn Association is located in the old cellars of Moubray House and accessed from the garden at the back of the building. Limited wheelchair access to the garden only, down a steep close.

Architect: Ben Tindall
Building Date: 1990

ACTIVITIES: There will be a book sale to help raise funds for this year’s Edinburgh Doors Open Day, information leaflets.

Limited disabled access.  

Disabled Access Refreshments 
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Corstorphine Hill Tower
27.09.14 - 28.09.14 (14.00-16.00)
Corstorphine Hill, Corstorphine,  EH12 6LR
Corstorphine Hill Tower - Image 1
The 20m high stone tower was built by a local landowner in 1871 to commemorate Sir Walter Scott. It is a Victorian folly which commands a wonderful view of the city, the Pentland Hills and the Firth of Forth. Directions from the Clerwood 
bus stop: go left (north) along Clermiston Road for 100 metres, cross and take a gated track, uphill past the old walled garden on the right to the Tower on top of the hill. The Tower can also be reached from the Cairnmuir Road/Kaimes Road car park.

Building Date: 1871

ACTIVITIES: guided tours, information leaflets/notes, stewards/volunteers at key points.

Image ©

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Displaying 11 - 20 of 121 results by building (A - Z)
Results Per Page: