Allan Robertson, Linlithgow Civic Trust

West Lothian (14th - 15th September)

These past few years I've been coordinating West Lothian's Doors Open Days as a volunteer.

My day job is as a Chartered Surveyor, but I also work with the Linlithgow Civic Trust and it is through this group that I came to be West Lothian’s Doors Open Days Coordinator.  Coordinating Doors Open Days is an engaging project to do in my spare time.

I think the best part about coordinating an area for Doors Open Days is finding new and exciting venues to take part in my programme. Coordinating is not always easy, especially when done in a volunteering capacity.

A great moment from my time as coordinator was attending the Scottish Civic Trust's Heritage Hooley event in the Linlithgow Burgh Hall earlier this year where I got to meet fellow coordinators and interested venues.

One of my star venues for this year is the Duntarvie Castle! Being built in the 16th century, this venue is a piece of living memory of the Scottish Renaissance.

You can see the full programme of events, activities and buildings that are opening their doors in West Lothian here.