Sheena Devlin

Midlothian Saturday (14th - 15th September)

I began assisting a senior colleague with Doors Open Days back in 2003 and over time have become more and more involved in the process.

This year, mostly due to the challenging financial situation the council is facing, I find myself in the hot seat and organising the event myself.

I think that the best thing about Doors Open Days has to be the fact that it’s all free!  This allows everyone to come along and enjoy what it has to offer, and I think that’s so important, particularly nowadays, when the cost of living is so high and family budgets in particular, are really stretched.  

One of my best memories involves my son who was 13 at the time. I took him to visit Soutra Aisle, one of our DoD venues, and at the end of the talk he said to me that it was one of the most interesting places he’s ever been to. He found it absolutely fascinating! For this reason I’m choosing Soutra Aisle as a highlight from our programme this year. The two volunteers who give the talks are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and very dedicated too, as they participate in our event every year! These are a great example of the people at the very heart of the whole event’s success.

You can see the full programme of events, activities and buildings that are opening their doors in Midlothian here