Ponderings on prolific programme for Perth & Kinross DOD

Dr Gavin Lindsay, Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust, Doors Open Days coordinator for Perth and Kinross

Doors Open Days has always been big in Perth and Kinross, but this year it’s even bigger, expanding from its usual single weekend slot to three consecutive weekends:

Kinross-shire & Strathearn: 2-3 September

Highland and Eastern Perthshire: 9-10 September

Perth City: 16-17 September

It’s hoped that by having more dedicated Doors Open Days weekends, people will have greater opportunities to get into buildings across the length and breadth of the county.

Preparations are progressing well and we currently have around 50 venues registered to participate this year. Noteworthy amongst the submissions are: the birth place of Scottish author John Buchan, Outlander film location Tibbermore Church, and tours of Balfour Beatty’s construction site west of Perth where a new road bridge over the River Almond is being built.

The programme brochure is now in development and it is hoped that we’ll have this on leaflet stands in early August.

A programme highlight:

Earthquake house

This small building was built in 1874 to house a seismoscope to register earthquake shocks. It was the first purpose-built earthquake observatory in the western hemisphere and attempted to record the ground movements in this part of the world which led to Comrie being known as the 'Shaky Toon'.

A modern seismograph from the British Geological Survey now operates inside the building and records earthquakes from locations all around the globe. Within the building, there is a full explanation of the history and science.