Opening the Doors at The Scottish Civic Trust

On Saturday 16th September we opened up the home of the Scottish Civic Trust to visitors during Glasgow Doors Open Days. Despite the typical Glasgow rain, over 700 people (and one dog!) came to visit us in the Old Tobacco Merchant’s House on Saturday. Behind these 242 year old doors is where Doors Open Days is nationally coordinated – a fitting place to organise a celebration of our heritage.

Our building was not always looking as good as you can see from this photograph taken pre-restoration. Can you spot the difference!? Many of our visitors did not believe it was the same building.

We invited visitors to try their hand at designing their own Tobacco Merchant’s House; we had a range of architectural delights such as a door for shoes, a multi-coloured house and a slide!

Thank you to everyone who came along to see us and learn about not only our building’s long history but what we do here at the Scottish Civic Trust. If you would like to share your thoughts about our event or any Doors Open Days event please do so here. We really appreciate all your feedback.