Nicola Godsal, Doors Open Days NATIONAL COORDINATOR

My name is Nicola Godsal, and I’m amazed that it’s already my 9th week in the job!

I joined the Scottish Civic Trust on April 3rd 2017 as Project Officer coordinating Doors Open Days and My Place Photography Competition; a part time post, 3 days per week (spread over 4 days). 

My initial focus has been on Doors Open Days, the national programme of getting into buildings that happens across Scotland over all the weekends in September.  I have spent most of the time reviewing procedures, familiarising myself with previous DOD programmes, reviewing documents and the new DOD website, updating documents that support regional coordinators’ delivery of DOD, determining the relationships with European Heritage Days (EHD) and with Scottish Archaeology Month (SAM). 

And most importantly for now, I’ve held meetings with the regional coordinators for the Doors Open Days programme.  There is a fantastic network of staff and volunteers that make it possible for the rest of us to nosey in the nooks and crannies of buildings that aren’t usually accessible, and all for free!  Programmes are shaping up across all the regions of Scotland, thanks to the hard work of the regional coordinators.  How appropriate that 1st – 7th June is national Volunteers’ week, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who keeps this national event going through the contribution of hours of voluntary support.  For DOD2016 an incredible 4,300 volunteers contributed a staggering 21,000 hours to the month long event.  

Keep your eyes on the Doors Open Days website calendar to see which weekends in September each region will be opening its doors in celebration, and start planning your weekends away across Scotland!

Scottish Civic Trust, 50 years old this year, will be taking part in Doors Open Days too, opening the doors of The Tobacco Merchant’s House for tours on Saturday September 2016.  More details will be posted on GDOD website when they launch their programme later in the year.