Gonna miss our 2017 interns!

It's October and the buzz of the open weekends through September has died down.  Doors Open Days is over for another year, but the planning, evaluation, discussing, improving isn't over!  

Here at Scottish Civic Trust we ran 2 internships from July to end of September.  Both posts supported the delivery of Doors Open Days. 

Amanda (left) and Molly (right) were our successful interns.

Amanda came through Glasgow University Internship Hub, and Molly through The Robertson Trust Scholarship Scheme. They have been great members of the team and we will miss them being part of the office crew.  Here's hoping that they took as much from being part of the Scottish Civic Trust as we did them being here.

They have now both gone back to university; Amanda to take up a masters in History at Glasgow, Molly to complete fourth year of a Criminology degree at Dundee.  Not without first having a farewell office picnic!

Before they left, we asked them to write a summary of what they did, and how they felt about their internships.  Read their stories over the next couple of days as they appear here on our website.