Doors Shut for 2017, but not throwing away the key!

September 2017 passed in a heady blur! 

We launched at The Botanic Cottage on friday 1st September, and ran for 5 weekends through September with venues across almost every local authority in Scotland.  You could visit private houses, churches, cathedrals, museums, graveyards, courts, lighthouses, even an ice house in Clackmannanshire, to name but a few.

How many venues did you manage to visit?  and across how many regions?  For the visitors Doors may not be open anymore for free access to a huge range of cultural and heritage venues across Scotland, but the work continues behind the scenes.  

It's now time for all the coordinators to collect their visitor stats (number of venues, number of visitors, age range and diversity of visitors, whether visitors were local, Scottish, or from further afield, and so on).  All this information will then be fed to us at Scottish Civic Trust to create a final report.  And we are also collecting and reading with interest the visitor feedback forms.

If you didn't fill in a visitor feedback form at a venue that you visited, don't worry as there's still time!  We are asking that forms are returned (or filled in online) by mid October.