Doors Open Days Celebrates Volunteer Week: Inverclyde

Susan Rose, Inverclyde Coordinator, is supported in the delivery of Doors Open Days by the Inverclyde Tourist Group.  Here she tells us a bit about what they do. 


Inverclyde Tourist Group are a group of people who are passionate about our local area. They got together in 2001 to promote Inverclyde in a friendly and informal way.  Throughout the Summer months they provide a wonderful warm welcome to visitors arriving into Greenock on cruise ships from around the world.

They have supported Doors Open Days for a number of years now and provide complimentary walks and tours to fit in with the weekend’s events.  The tours are throughout Inverclyde and cover a great deal of the history of the area.  These tours actively encourage people to be a tourist in their own town.   They are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and they are happy to share their knowledge with residents and visitors.

Tours have included the history of the railway stations in the area including the Nations Favourite station, Wemyss Bay, walking tours through the historical quarter of the town which links to the Custom House and tours through the areas villages and towns.