Doors Open Days A-Z - Letter H

With Doors Open Days just around the corner, we are kicking off August by posting an alphabet of some of the fantastic buildings that will be open next month!

H is for Hamilton Mausoleum, open for Doors Open Days in South Lanarkshire on Saturday the 29th of September.

Hamilton Mausoleum was built by Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton as his final resting place.  Building work began in 1842 and was uncompleted when Alexander died in 1852.

Hamilton Mausoleum was one of the finest private tombs in the country, and is now one of the town's most famous buildings.

Photo credit: Damien Shields

It was built as a tomb and monument to Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton, nicknamed 'El Magnifico', but was incomplete at the time of his death in 1852.

The chapel has a massive dome, over 36 metres high, magnificent bronze doors, and a stunning floor made up of different marbles from around the world. However, one of the first things you will probably notice is its amazing 15-second echo, one of the longest in the world!

Guided tours are available, booking in advance is highly recommended.

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