Doors Open Days A-Z - Letter C

With Doors Open Days just around the corner, we are kicking off August by posting an alphabet of some of the fantastic buildings that will be open next month!

C is for Cowal Open Studios, open for Doors Open Days in Argyll and Bute on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of September. 

Cowal Open Studios are joining in the Doors Open Days fun, with more than 30 artists and makers from around the Cowal Peninsula opening their homes and studios to visitors.

This is a great opportunity to see new and exciting work by some of the best practitioners in Scotland. Experience the pleasure of viewing a wide range of traditional and contemporary artworks in a diverse variety of materials and techniques; learn more about how the pieces are made - the origins and production - and speak directly to the artists and craftspeople involved.

Visit the "Find a Building" section of our website to find out what buildings will open near you in September!