Braw Buildings Participants are having a blast in Inverness!

The first weekend of Braw Buildings got off to a great start! Participants made their way from all over Scotland up to Inverness for some fantastic experiences.

Receiving a warm welcome at the youth hostel.

Sarah Gowanlock went and explored the Allanfearn Waste Water Facility and had this to say about her experience:

I was very excited to visit Allanfearn Waste Water Treatment Facility [on Saturday] as part of Doors Open Days. The average UK resident pays £1 per day for water services, but I rarely think about what that money is going toward. In addition to seeing the waste water treatment process (remember: 🚽 only flush toilet paper!), we also learned about how the plant captures gases that power a turbine which provides the plant with 80% of the electricity it uses. The final solids product, called cake in the industry, is used as agricultural fertilizer to close the loop for a #circularecomony.


Toni Wilson had a great time snapping pictures of various locations:





This weekend Braw Buildings participants are heading to Aberdeen!

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