A warm welcome to our Q-Step intern, Erika!

My name is Erika and I have just graduated from Glasgow University with honours of the first class in Sociology with Quantitative Methods, and I am about to start a Masters degree in Stirling in Applied Social Research and Social Statistics.

I am with the Scottish Civic Trust as a Q-Step intern, working with the evaluation and feedback processes of the Doors Open Days festival. Q-Step is a UK-wide programme by the Nuffield Foundation which seeks to promote quantitative research skills in social science graduates.

It’s exciting to have an internship where I use the skills that I have gained in my courses and I am looking forward to real life applications of what I have learned. This internship is great as I get to work with evaluation processes, survey construction and analysis and I am involved in an ongoing project. My internship at the Scottish Civic Trust is a good stepping stone towards working with social research, data analysis and surveys in the future.

I am looking forward to being a part of creating the Doors Open Days festival’s evaluation and feedback processes from the early development stages through to the final report and see what issues and successes come out of it, and figuring out how to improve it for future years.

As an avid Scottish country dancer I have visited many town halls all over the country, and look forward to going behind the doors of more buildings in Scotland. It’s exciting to get to learn more about the hidden history of Scotland!