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Our Doors Open Days weekend is 14th and 15th September.

Please note that some of Stirling's activities are happening on dates outwith the advertised weekend, so be sure to peruse the venues and the brochure so as not to miss out!


St Mary's Episcopal School, Dunblane


14 September 2019

New to Stirling’s Doors Open Days! St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School has been on its present site since 1850. When it was founded, there was no welfare state and Churches were left to fill the educational gaps as best they could and Henry Malcolm of St Mary’s Episcopal Church expressed a fervent wish that the church should fund a school for poor children in the parish. The ground was gifted by Kippendavie Estate. During the Second World War the school building was used by the army and the school was decanted. While not a Listed Building, the school is in the Dunblane Conservation Area and it is historically significant as the first self-governing primary school in Scotland. In April 2003 St. Mary’s returned to local authority control. Tours will be given round the school. Disabled access.

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